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Artists, Keep It Real

My favorite marketing and life blogger Seth Godin just pointed me to Hugh MacLeod’s site, where he has a list of thoughts on cartooning. I love number “21. I have found the standard “struggling artist” myths and stereotypes mostly full of crap. Powerful magnets for Bullshitters, to say the least,” and number “27. Cartoonists who don’t like to think much about the actual business they’re in, who are fond of saying, “I just want to draw” deserve everything they get.”

Heh. I am so putting his widget on my blog.

My takeway: if you’re an artist, be an artist, goddamn it. Then again, as Hugh says, ” 25. I would never recommend to a young person to pursue a career in fine art. Even if she had a talent that was off the scale, I would be slightly hesitant.”


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For me, art isn’t just about what you see. It’s what you breathe, touch, smell, taste, feel. Facing an ocean breeze in autumn is art. Watching the sun reflect off ice in a glass is art. Listening to your baby nephew’s throaty giggle is art. You can find art everywhere, if you pause long enough.

Ok, this is more fartsiness than artsiness. Why am I really here? Sure, it’s about sharing inspiration. But it’s also about the business of art. Just last week I launched a little shop at Etsy called Shellybee’s Art Studio, and loaded it with my recent seashell drawing series and my beverage oil painting series from earlier in the year. Now. To find my biggest fans. And hone in on their biggest desires. And translate my latest obsessions into their desires. Can I do it? If I’m give myself a good dose of optimism, I’d say, “Sure!” But really, I’m not so.

In any case, I thought I’d chronicle my little entrepreneurial journey for anyone interested in reading. All three of you.

And maybe it will inspire you in some way. I’d like that.

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