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In response to my suggestion that you make a favorite person a T-shirt (and impress them with your creative genius) my friend wrote: “I got the most fantastic iron-on printer paper from Dharma Trading company. It’s super soft. I like it because I made the boys some t-shirts with basketballs and butterflies and rainbows and washed them a bunch so they look like old shirts – you can’t see the iron-on-ness of them at all. I also got some freezer paper and fabric ink but haven’t had a chance to break those out yet.”

This got me thinking — there are probably really cool art supply stores out there online that I don’t know about. What are yours? Add them to the comments below.

1. http://www.dharmatrading.com – Fiber Art Supplies and Blanks

2. www.dickblick.com – they have great sales; I shop here a lot

3. http://www.ecoartworks.com/ — anyone try this “ecoplanet” art store?


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