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My good friend grows a garden each year, and her boys help. These are her artichokes. Another lucky artichoke bloomed on the stalk; the background color of the drawing here is a reflection of the color of the feathery blossom.

artichoke drawing on lavender by shelly bowen

I had planned to switch to my sticky series, but had to get one more edible in to complete the pineapple and papaya. At my sister’s request for one more fruit or veggie. For her kitchen. I can hardly ever turn down a request.


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Battered and Blue Seashell Fine Art PrintAs an engagement present, I wanted to give my friend one of my art prints from my shop.

(I have to say, I hesitated, because what if she didn’t like my style and then felt obligated … in the end, I decided she could hang it in the closet if she really wanted to).

I couldn’t decide which drawing or painting was right for her , so I asked her to choose, and gave her the option of swapping colors or sizes. She chose the blue of the Caribbean Shell paired with the Battered Hermit Shell. Battered and Blue. I like it.

If you have a special occasion and would like something customized just for you, let me know! Prices remain the same as a similarly sized piece.

Image copyright (c) Shelly Bowen. Artist retains rights to all images, at all times.

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