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This woke me up: I had been neglecting my little art studio because my day job was going through a particularly intense few months. Then I received a request for custom sizes of seashell prints that were not even available in my online shop.Shellybee\'s art - custom size order

I didn’t think the ink drawings would look good as large as she wanted them — 14 X 11 inches, 100% + bigger than the originals — but I tried it and she was on to something. They looked fantastic. You could see every little detail, including traces of pencil and indented paper where there had once been lead and I erased. The finished art print was more tangible and real than I expected. I hope she loves them.

Something else dawned on me: because each print is made to order, they are ALL custom. So whether someone chooses from my shop or requests something personal, it’s all the same to me. I want the buyer to be thrilled, so I now encourage custom size requests in my shop.

Also, each print has at least a couple printer’s proofs to get the color and quality just right. It takes me almost as long to fulfill an order as it did to create the original drawing. Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but to give you an idea of what I’m driving at, the prints you see here took me four hours to get just right, wrap up safely, purchase extra large packaging, and ship.

Which means, at the prices I had originally scoped, I was losing money with each order. Sigh. So Shellybee’s has refreshed its inventory and is raising the prices of its prints. But not by much. It’s a break-even relationship now.

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