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caribbean sea bird print (c) bowenI’ve completed a new ink drawing, inspired by a bird who waited patiently in the Caribbean heat for a crumb of my sandwich, but all he got was his portrait sketched.

In this one, I’ve explained a little more about what inspired the colors and the details within the drawing in my shop description. I usually leave interpretation up to the viewer, but I’ve had some comments that readers like the descriptions, so I keep telling the story of what inspired the drawing or painting or technique.

At the same time, I wonder if describing in more detail the texture of the paper or the saturation of the inks would be more useful. The screen really doesn’t do them justice.

I’m really liking my ocean-inspired ink drawings — mesmerizing for me. They hold a little bit of those million-dollar moments for me. I think I’ll hang a few of the printer’s proofs in my new office.

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snowy white egret print 8x10 (c) bowenI sold my fourth fine art print! This time, the buyer had a little trouble with Paypal, and abandoned the buying page, so I had to figure out how to resend the invoice for her. It’s interesting that out of all 21 or so art prints I have available, she chose the only one (at the time) that was drawn from a photograph of a snowy egret by her all-time favorite photographer, Gary Allard. I’ll have to send that news along with her bird, after it finishes curing.

Today I’ll be shopping for new brands of fine art paper. I’ve been using Ilford’s Galerie series of professional smooth fine art paper, and the results are truly amazing. Each one looks like it was inked right on the paper by hand. Actually, better than by hand. You don’t get any of the rumpled, rough edges that comes from handling a piece for as long as it takes to ink it.

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