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Original ink drawing of a swimming octopus completes a trio of marine life fine art drawings at Shellybees.com. What would you like to see next?

octopus_bowen Copyright 2009 Shelly Bowen. No reproduction permitted.

Watermark does not appear in print.

Available at Shellybees.com

Limited Edition Seahorse Archival Print Available at Shellybees.com

Just in time for summer, the beachy art series at Shellybee’s is blooming. Original pen-and-ink drawings available as limited edition archival art prints of:

All designed to go together in a beach-themed or modern artistic home.

If you don’t see the marine or sealife that you’re looking for, do let me know!

Due to popular demand, the second edition of only 100 art prints of my Great Tailed Grackle has just been released at Etsy for a limited time.

Great Tailed Grackle art print by Shelly Bowen

Great Tailed Grackle art print by Shelly Bowen

The first edition of the Great Tailed Grackle was sold in November 2008. It is an original ink drawing I did of a texas bird printed on museum quality archival grade paper. See all bird drawings at my art shop.

No reproductions permitted. Rights remain with artist.

Limited Edition Art Print of Billie Holiday Now Available to Public

Oil Painting of Billie Holiday by Shelly Bowen, available as print at Shellybees.com

Oil Painting of Billie Holiday by Shelly Bowen, available as print at Shellybees.com

The oil isn’t even yet dry — which made the professional photographer nervous — on my latest painting, this one a portrait of one of my favorite jazz singers, Billie Holiday. I listened to her throaty voice while I painted, and I think that really helped capture her essence. I think she’d like it, don’t you? (I threw a WATERMARK on the image of it above; it’s not there in the original art.)

Museum-quality prints on high quality art paper of the oil painting are now available at Shellybees.com — but only in limited quantities. I want to keep it special. Go here to reserve your art print of Ms. Holiday before they’re gone.

This print is part of an exclusive and secret project for ThursdayHappyHour.com.

I’d like to paint more jazz musicians — if you have a favorite and would like to make a request, do let me know!

Copyright (c) 2009 Shelly Bowen. All rights reserved.

Print of jazz painting by Gary Allard

Print of jazz painting by Gary Allard

I’ve long admired this painting by Gary Allard of jazz musicians Miles Davis and John Coltrane. It’s got style, emotion, and vibe. And I’ve finally convinced him to give me permission to sell a limited quantity of archival prints at Shellybees.com.

Because this image is so powerful, I’m offering it at Shellybee’s as a LARGE print.

This print is part of an upcoming project for ThursdayHappyHour.com.

All images on this site copyright (c) Shelly Bowen. All rights reserved. Reproduction is NOT permitted.

In response to my suggestion that you make a favorite person a T-shirt (and impress them with your creative genius) my friend wrote: “I got the most fantastic iron-on printer paper from Dharma Trading company. It’s super soft. I like it because I made the boys some t-shirts with basketballs and butterflies and rainbows and washed them a bunch so they look like old shirts – you can’t see the iron-on-ness of them at all. I also got some freezer paper and fabric ink but haven’t had a chance to break those out yet.”

This got me thinking — there are probably really cool art supply stores out there online that I don’t know about. What are yours? Add them to the comments below.

1. http://www.dharmatrading.com – Fiber Art Supplies and Blanks

2. www.dickblick.com – they have great sales; I shop here a lot

3. http://www.ecoartworks.com/ — anyone try this “ecoplanet” art store?